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The power of all that data is only a click or call away.

The Fund has a reputation for having the most complete and thorough title plant in the state of Florida. The power of all that data is only a click or call away. Get The Fund's title information working for you.

Prior Policies

The Prior Policies Department is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

When placing an order for a policy, providing the following information helps us to efficiently process your request:

  • The legal description of the property
  • Book and Page of the Mortgage or Warranty Deed
  • Copy of the Fund Commitment and HUD

Insured parties including Property Owners, Lenders, and Mortgage Companies are welcome to request a copy of a prior policy for a fee of $75 by contacting us via:

Email: PriorPolicies@thefund.com
Phone: (800) 336-3863 Ext. 5948

Upon receipt of the $75 fee by cashier's check or money order payable to "Attorneys' Title Fund Services, LLC", our Prior Policies staff will mail out copies via the USPS, unless otherwise instructed by the customer. Payment should be sent to:

Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, LLC
Attn: Central Florida Data Center
6545 Corporate Centre Boulevard
Orlando, Florida 32822

Fund Members

Fund Members can place orders for prior policies online in ATIDS, Web ATIDS, ATIDS XE using Policy Search and Order, or Double Time. Policy requests for “YES” base titles are delivered according to the member's preference when placing the order; via fax. Fund members are billed through their member accounts for added convenience.

Fund Members who do not have an open “Yes” file may request the following product through the Prior Policies Department by calling 1-800-336-3863 Ext, 5948, or email to PriorPolicies@thefund.com. Please provide your member number.

Special Data Products

When you need powerful business-building tools, think Special Data Products, created from the ATIDS repository of property and public record recordings.

For example, you can focus your client development efforts by reviewing mortgage data to determine which lenders are issuing the most real estate loans in your area. In addition, this kind of information allows you to help existing clients find new prospects, which can strengthen your business relationships.

Special Data Products are available from 35 of the state's most populous counties, and you can receive them on a one-time or subscription basis. You can also choose the format that works best for you: hard copy, diskette, or electronic delivery.

These customized lists can help you better serve customers as well as develop new clients. Special Data Products are beneficial to Fund Members, real estate investors, mortgage brokers, and real property information companies. The customized lists can be created from a variety of criteria including:

  • County
  • Deed Type
  • Minimum/Maximum Mortgage Amount
  • Specific Zip Code(s)
  • Minimum/Maximum Sales Amount

The following are examples of Special Data Products customized solutions.

Deed and Mortgage List
Identify which areas of a particular county have the most real estate activity as well as your market share.

Lis Pendens List
Identify pre-foreclosure properties.

Select Lender List
Review mortgage recordings of a specific lender.

Privately-Held Mortgage List
Identify mortgages held by individuals.

Mortgage List
Identify mortgages in specific counties and specific dollar amounts.

To learn more about several of the Special Data Products, contact the Data Marketing Services Account Executive in your area.

Title Plant Access

If you don’t qualify to become a member of The Fund but still want access to the vast information available through The Fund, DMS is your solution.  When you become a customer of DMS you’ll get access to the depth of information in the Fund’s title plant. 

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