Escrow Operations

The Fund Escrow Operations provides its Members comprehensive services for various aspects of your real estate practices.

Construction Services

The Fund's staff can function as a project's construction management department from the moment financing is arranged and the mortgage is recorded. This includes offering a full spectrum of Construction Loan Services, including day-to-day management of the title and financial details of virtually any project.

As an independent and neutral third party, we provide Escrow and Disbursing Services for the entire life of the loan, including:

  • Prepare funds, receive and examine construction documentation
  • Review requisitions and waivers of lien, and monitor the names of parties filing Notices to Owner
  • Update the title search and issue disbursement endorsements

We assist lenders in determining that the contractor and all other parties furnishing labor, materials, and services are being paid in a timely manner - ensuring that no liens are placed against the property during construction.

Escrow Services

The Fund provides Escrow Services that meet our Members' needs for an escrow depository, with the following advantages:

  • An independent and neutral third party
  • Financial security and responsibility
  • Protection from high-risk exposure
  • Convenience of location of facilities

For more information, please contact Escrow Operations Department.

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